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Minimalist lifestyle is beneficial for these 8 types of people

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What is minimalist lifestyle again? It’s simple: intentionally living a life with only things that are necessary. The term “minimalist” & “ minimalism” has been growing exponentially in the past 5 years. It’s simply because more people are aware that minimalist lifestyle can bring us more joys.

Minimalist lifestyle doesn’t fit every single human, however, if you belong to following 8 types of people. You should totally consider trying out minimalist lifestyle, or minimalism.  

Type 1: Deal hunter.
When you see big sales, you can’t let the deals slip away as you feel obligated to buy before the price goes back up. It’s too hard for you to accept the facts that the great deals could go to someone else. Eventually, you realize you end up getting tons of things you rarely use, which costs more money.

deal hunter

Shopping with a plan, knowing exactly what you must have before shopping. Always ask yourself, do I have to buy this? I always challenge myself to wait. If I still think about the item I want to buy after 3 weeks, that probably means it’s something I truly want. Minimalism isn’t about deprivation, its about choosing what we bring into our lives.


Type 2: People who can’t let things go
Over the years things begin to collect around the home. Everything from gifts to spur of the moment purchases. That item you just had to have four years ago, now collects dust. Sometimes you become attached to things because you associate them with a memory or time in your life. At times, you feel too emotionally attached to all of them. No matter how much effort you’ve put on organizing them, they always look messy. You get frustrated with the mess, but you just can’t let things go.



Grow up and let things go. Ask yourself if the item brings you joy or if it serves a purpose in your life. It’s 2016 now, time to make room for new memories. Release the past so you can create a better future.


Type 3: Neat freaks
Your house is super clean and organized, but you spend too much time cleaning and organizing. Household chores seem endless. You constantly wish you could get more time to read, or just hang out with friends.


Owning less things would save you time because there is less to clean and organize. You can spend time on things that matter more.


Type 4: You own too many clothes

You own tons of clothes and you don’t wear half of them. You hold on to clothing in hopes that it will someday fit again or that it will come back in style. You spend so much time digging through your closet and drawers each day trying to find something to wear. The truth is we become overwhelmed by too many options! Ever tried to pick out shampoo… With 50+ brands and bottles it becomes difficult to decide.



Label your clothes with a date on it or turn your hangers inside out. Each time you use and item remove the date label or flip the hanger. If you find yourself not wearing an article of clothing over the course of the year, just donate or sell. Other people might love them. 🙂
Also, there is a great challenge called Project 333 that invites people to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months. Are you up for it?


Type 5: Poor folks like me 
You know who you are. 😛




Maybe being a minimalist is the best solution for you. Don’t focus on accumulating expensive things… Focus on accumulating memories and experiences!


Type 6: Travelers
You love to travel, and spend most time traveling.




When traveling, stop shopping for souvenirs. Collect memories and photos.  I use CouchSurfing to meet local people, and make friends. A great conversation can make your trip so much more memorable and meaningful.


Type 7: Movers
You move around a lot, constantly moving in and out of different places. We all know how frustrating it is to move.




Owning less means moving less things. Moving to me is never a big pain. I can generally move out within 2 hours, and fit everything into my Honda civic. Simply because I own less things.  If you are young, you want to keep your options open. Having the ability to pick up and go makes taking that dream job across the country all the more possible.


Type 8: Open minded
You have no problems with life, but you like to explore different life styles. Why not try minimalism?




Less is more, I challenge you to seek more freedom and joys from minimalist lifestyle. I find myself saving more money and I use it for traveling. My life is richer and more meaningful. I call myself a moment collector, not a material collector.


If you have friends that might be benefit from this article, send it to him/her. It’s a good start for 2016. If you are one of these 8 types, please leave a comment and share your story. (I was a deal hunter myself). I love comments, and will for sure to respond.



8 thoughts on “Minimalist lifestyle is beneficial for these 8 types of people

  1. Brandon G says:

    wow, really interesting article. I really enjoy the Gif you put. They are funny. This is my first time to hear about minimalist lifestyle, but it’s so inspiring!

  2. Oralia says:

    Thought provoking for sure! So funny because I was just talking to a friend about getting rid of things such as my college books (which I never look at!) This confirms I must get rid of such things! haha! Thanks for sharing!

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